Our Company is a California leader in investment and income properties entering its 25th year with a successful history of sales, 1031 exchanges, and owner financing.  With over $500,000,000 in total property transactions and the wisdom and instincts that only experience can forge, our seasoned veterans led by broker Brad Neal, bring clarity to your bottom line through an exacting analysis placed into the context of the reality and trends of the market place.
Managing our own portfolio of properties of over $20,000,000, we share all the concerns and challenges that you have as a landlord so not only do we speak your language we also walk your walk.  We aim to be your life long partner and associate.
Once again we sponsored a Rooftop Jazz Party Fundraiser: Haiti: Love and Encouragement in the Time of Cholera.   We raised thousands of dollars to help dedicated people and their efforts including Stefanie Fletcher and Michael McDonnald, president of  the Global Health Initiative.  Sadly, little has changed in the devastated physical landscape of Haiti since the earthquake.   Now, the lives of her people are again at risk; haunted by the epidemic outbreak of Cholera, and these people are making a difference.

 It was a joyous event bringing like-minded people together enjoying delicious h'ors d'oeuvres, divine California wine, and music by world-renowned jazz saxophonist Azar Lawrence.  See you at our next fundraiser.
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What we do?
Goldcoast is committed to service under the highest standards for ethical behavior under the Better Business Bureau, The Department of Real Estate, The National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, and the California Bar. 

We are passionate about helping people achieve the kind of financial security we have through multifamily investments whether at the entry, hold, or exit stage, always under the best tax and legal strategies.
Who we are?
A few words about us
Entering our 25th year gives much to look back and reflect on.  Having steered through several cycles of the market our confidence is unshaken as this historical downturn comes back from the brink.  We are professionals of the highest caliber and moral fiber bound by our fiduciary duty to you that always puts your interest above ours at all times.  We offer a full free analysis on the property you are considering selling and have a precise understanding of value and what creates it.  If you are a buyer we offer a full investment strategy whether it be a buy and operate or a value play with a short term exit.

Goldcoast Team

The Triple Play Advantage

Brad Neal, Broker, President/Owner

Brad has been called a broker’s broker on the Westside ever since he set up here after law school in the early '80's, getting many coveted listings that the bigger name firms usually get by believing that his core personal traits of perseverance, humility, and honesty would always serve him.  And they did.

“But I am really a real estate lawyer in broker’s suit .”

This powerful dual role is what distinguishes Brad among his peers and what his clients really count on.  Right from the start he navigates the treacherous litigious environment of today’s market by being prepared with the best contracts.  He goes to the mat for his clients with the same winning instincts from his high school wrestling days where he is still the uncontested Career Win Record Holder of the most wrestling wins almost four decades ago.
  But what you really get with Brad is a triple play.  In addition to getting a lawyer and a broker, you get a passionate investor and apartment building owner who not only understands but also shares your concerns.  There are few satisfactions that are greater for Brad than helping people to achieve financial security and freedom through proper investing and the best retirement exit strategy. 
He is grateful for his love of his children, his work, and his life, but it is helping the less fortunate that really make him appreciate all of it.  He is involved in several local non-profit groups that target at risk youth with extra-curricular activities and meal supplement support and sponsoring at least one charity event a year.
Because Brad is recognized as an veteran and expert in commercial real estate in Los Angeles County, he is often called upon by attorneys and the Court to give expert testimony on the value of commercial real estate.