Our Company is a California leader in investment and income properties entering its 25th year with a successful history of sales, 1031 exchanges, and owner financing.  With over $500,000,000 in total property transactions and the wisdom and instincts that only experience can forge, our seasoned veterans led by broker Brad Neal, bring clarity to your bottom line through an exacting analysis placed into the context of the reality and trends of the market place.
Managing our own portfolio of properties of over $20,000,000, we share all the concerns and challenges that you have as a landlord so not only do we speak your language we also walk your walk.  We aim to be your life long partner and associate.
Once again we sponsored a Rooftop Jazz Party Fundraiser: Haiti: Love and Encouragement in the Time of Cholera.   We raised thousands of dollars to help dedicated people and their efforts including Stefanie Fletcher and Michael McDonnald, president of  the Global Health Initiative.  Sadly, little has changed in the devastated physical landscape of Haiti since the earthquake.   Now, the lives of her people are again at risk; haunted by the epidemic outbreak of Cholera, and these people are making a difference.

 It was a joyous event bringing like-minded people together enjoying delicious h'ors d'oeuvres, divine California wine, and music by world-renowned jazz saxophonist Azar Lawrence.  See you at our next fundraiser.
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Continuing housing crisis a boost to Multifamily Market

We are very encouraged here at Goldcoast as we gear up for our re-entry back into the multifamily market that, according to industry reports, has had momentum building for three quarters showing a strong recovery is underway.  It is primarily fueled by a dramatic increase in rental demand as foreclosures swap people out of homeownership with one of the sharpest drops in vacancies on record in this third quarter pushing rents steadily back to their 2008 third quarter average peak of $1000.

The improved performance combined with a 50+ year low in commercial mortgage interest rates is pumping up sales volume along with a quarter coming from the dark side of the market through distressed and pressured seller transactions. As a result prices are rising rapidly around the country with demand for rentals  steady rising with some predicting  supply shortages in some markets with a low vacancy rate around 5% by as soon as the end of next year.
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